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Dear Friends and fellow Hugh Jackman Fans:

As you may have noticed, Hugh Jackman Multi-Media is currently unavailable. It’s been a rough year for HJMM and this is the latest in a string of unfortunate occurrences and technical difficulties. In addition to site issues, we are no longer able to devote the time needed to keep it maintained and updated.

Therefore, after discussions amongst the website staff, we have decided we will not be renewing the site and HJMM will officially be closed for business. We are sad to announce the closing of the site because it represents hundreds of hours of work and has also been the source of pride and enjoyment for those of us working behind the scenes. We also acknowledge that it has been a great source of information and fun for you.

Thanks to each of you for your many years of support, it is truly appreciated. We did it for you, the fan.

We look forward to the future projects and endeavors of Hugh Jackman and will continue to follow and support his career.


Ayo, Sarah (Angel), Sue, Sarah (Sassy), Carolin, Kristin, and Lily
Hugh Jackman Multi-Media Website Staff
BtVS - Hard Day


is renewed

sorry for all of the insanity - if you read my latest post to my lj hopefully you'll understand the delay. This website and basically everything else in my life other than my child have been the last things on my mind lately.

I've renewed for a year and paid the $80.00 penalty. They've assured me that it is reactivated although i just checked and it's not up yet.

We still have to change the server information for mediablvd - unfortunately I'm still having account problem because my account now won't log in - even when I resent the password.

Once I get it reset I may ask someone to work with tvr at mediablvd to get the server stuff updated because I just can't be online right now and not paying attention to jaz. i'll keep you posted.
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Aussie Goes Barmy/The Prestige

Look at that! The site's still alive! Real life in the shape of multiple exams reared its ugly head for several months, but it's a bit quieter now, so here's an update. :)

An Aussie Goes Barmy
  • Video of Hugh's appearence in episode one of this show about the English cricket fans here

  • The Prestige
  • Radiointerview (Virgin Radio, UK) here
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    BfO/Flushed Away/Prestige/X3

    We're on a roll with the updates, it seems! I guess it's a result of the Season of Hugh... ;D

    Boy from Oz
    - Ten scans from the Australian Souvenir Programme (making the entire programme available)

    Flushed Away
    - 6 LJ Icons by Lobezna
    - Link for official site

    The Prestige
    - Links for three new TV-spots
    - 27(!) new hi res promotional images

    - Screencaps of Hugh's appearance on Conan's show, promoting X3

    All updates are linked from the main page for easy access...
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    The Prestige and The Fountain updates

    The Prestige

    - 9 new high resolution promotional images here.
    - Links for official site and the trailer (seven different formats) here
    - Plot synopsis updated here
    - 4 beautiful LiveJournal icons by Lobezna here

    The Fountain

    - 3 LiveJournal icons by Lobezna here
    - 149 caps of the trailer here
    - Official poster uploaded here

    (I also posted my review of The Fountain, because I had to share my love of this incredible movie with the entire world - it includes spoilers, and is completely biased, but there you go. It's located here).

    Anybody else excited about this upcoming Season of Hugh-movies??? I know I am... *g*